About Bernshausen Automotive

Bernshausen Automotive was opened by owner John Bernshausen's grandfather, Les Bernshausen, in 1941. The shop started out as an Allis Chamblers tractor and supply store. Les later passed that business on to John's father, Jim Bernshausen, who ran the business until it closed in 1986.

In June 1986, Jim's son, Larry, re–opened the shop as Bernshausen Automotive. Shortly after, he saw a need in the community and surrounding areas for a parts store, so he opened one in the front of the shop. Larry decided that he would semi–retire in 2013 to pursue his love of drag racing. He will still be seen around the shop working occasionally.

Today, the shop is presided over by John Bernshausen. Over the decades, we have continuously updated all the facets of the business, and we continue to do. We have several decades of experience, which amounts to things getting done quickly and correctly the first time!

About Bernshausen Automotive

Meet Our Team

John Bernshausen – Owner

John has been with Bernshausen Automotive since 1986. He started working on tractors when he was 16 years old, helping his father alongside his brothers. In 2013, his brother, Larry, retired, and John took over the business. John is a jack of all trades. He is a mechanic, service writer, front counter guy, and also the owner, shouldering all the other responsibilities. Along with being well versed in all areas of vehicles and tractors, he's also a volunteer firefighter with the Forman Fire Department, and a driver for our ambulance service.

Deb Bernshausen – Office Manager / Service Writer

Deb is Married to John and now works at Bernshausen Automotive full time. Mainly in the office doing the books, HR and marketing. However you will see her at the front counter helping out with customers when needed.

She is now working at Bernshausen full time with John in the office and helping at the counter. Its a new "world" for Deb, but it is a new and exciting chapter in her life. She loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren.

Prior to coming to Bernshausen Automotive Deb worked as a surgical technologist for over 25 years.

Deb has two children, Chris who is a Fulton County Sheriffs Deputy who is married to Mandy, and Amanda who lives at home with Deb and John. She also has two step-daughters, Amy and Amanda, (not a typo, we have two Amanda's and a Mandy!).She has 5 grandchildren at this time, Abby, Hunter, Jaxson, Devon and Amelia. She loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren they are the light of her life! She also enjoys bike riding and gardening.

In this picture Deb is with her daughter Amanda at their first ever professional baseball game. Cardinals(Johns favorite team) vs Reds. They took the entire Bernshausen to the game for a fun day and got a party box. Spouses and some children joined in the fun!

Tom Ausmus – Auto Technician

Tom has been with us since 1987 – almost since the beginning. He has been working on cars since he was 17 years old. Tom is a whiz at interior work, motor windows, dash work, heater coils, etc. He is an experienced and trained auto mechanic with knowledge of all vehicle fields.

Paul Riviere – Head Technician

Paul started with us in 2013, but has already proven to be a great addition to our family. As a young man of 7, Paul started working on cars with his dad in the basement of their home. Paul is ASE certified and has a vast knowledge of electrical issues and computer problems.

Paul is married and has 3 children and a step son. He enjoys riding his motorcycle when weather permits and spending time with his family. Paul had done a great job at Bernshausen and in 2016 was promoted to head technician. He is awesome with electrical and enjoys doing the diagnostic work. He enjoys the "hard" jobs that challenge him.

Alden "Chip" Sabastian – Technician

Chip is a very upbeat guy who likes to make sure his customers are happy with the job he is doing. He takes pride in his work. He loves doing engine work and "swapping" out motors. He has been working on cars since the tender age of 12. Chip is married with 4 children and a step son. Chip will always go above and beyond to make sure his work is perfect.