Wheels to Prospers

Avery Busch, WTP Winner

Deb and John Bernshausen of Bernshausen Automotive & Towing would like to congratulate Avery Busch. He was our recipient of our “Wheels To Prosper” car. Avery is a 2016 graduate of Midwest Central High School. He graduated in the top 10 in his class. He has been offered scholarships to continue his education, but he did not have a way to get back and forth. He wants to go into Mechanical Engineering.

Jeanne Sarff, one of Avery’s teachers nominated him for the car. In her letter she stated the need for Avery to have a dependable vehicle and also stated: “When she first heard of the program she immediately thought of Avery. Avery is the type of student and person that you don’t find very often in his generation. He is polite, respectful, hard working, kind, conscientious and very intelligent. He is the oldest of 5 children and greatly cares for all of his siblings. You can tell in the way he talks about them.”

Avery excelled in Math and physics in high school.

Avery gives back to his community in a number of ways. He volunteers at Emanuel’s Warehouse, assist with Forman Jr. Women’s and the PTO with projects and he helps out with his little brother’s baseball team.

Jeanne Sarff stated that he should be a productive and respected member of society as an adult.

Avery paid $1.00 for the car. According to his parents he is loving to learn to drive a manual transmission!

Wheels to Prosper was created in 2011. It is a national program with several shops involved. It was created to give to an individual or a family who give back to the community and do not ask for anything in return. Nominations letters were sent in from people who thought of someone who deserved the vehicle. It isn’t about asking people to write the letters for you, but about people who do as Jeanne did and think, hey I know someone who really needs a car. If you would like to see more information you can go to the web site; www.wheelstoprosper.org, or call us for information.

Avery Busch, WTP Winner

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